Things to Consider When Purchasing A Printer

Things to Consider When Purchasing A Printer

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Purchasing a printer is not something your just wake up and decide to do. There are several things you should consider before you make your final decision

important factors to consider

The image quality

Image quality requirement differs depending on the area of people. A printer than can produce up to 1200dpi is perfect for printing photography. Modern printers have multiple resolution modes which makes them perfect for multi-functionality.  Find a printer that has a wide range of resolutions so you can use it for a wide range of capabilities.

Modern printers have improved ink sets to widen the printer Gamut. You can check the achievable Colour Gamut of the printer by looking at the brochures and information kits as well as the manufacture’s website. A soft proof will show you the colours the printer is able to produce. A machine that produces small ink droplets will give you sharper images.  Some printers have both large and small droplets within a certain range.

The ink configuration plays a big role on the image quality. Most printers have a variety of configuration, ranging from 4 – 12 colours of more. A printer with more colors can achieve a wider colour gamut.

The size and speed of the printer

The printer size will depend on the content and image sizes you wish to produce. To determine the right printer size, you need to determine what print sized are highly requested. This will help you pick an average sized printer with multiple size printing capabilities. Look for print size options so you can get a clear image of the perfect printer.

Speed is also an important aspect of the printer. Go for one with a wide range that allows you to alter the speed therefore the resolutions of the image or printers that can achieve a high speed without changing the resolution of the images.

Media handling

Create a complete list of everything you wish to print on and include a list of things you would like to start printing on modern or newer printers have the capability of handling multiple types of media. Look at the specifications of the printer t check what paper thickness it is created to handle. Pick one that will require less struggle when it comes to media handling.

The ease of use

Most times, we get so caught up in the spec and features of a machine we forget all about the usability. A printer that is simple to use means that there are less problems to worry about. If you are purchasing a printer for more than one user, you will want to get a better-quality printer.

Printer support

This is one of the most overlooked aspect when people are purchasing a new printer. Find out if email and phone support is included during the purchase, access to experienced users, third party ICC accessibility. Tutorial videos, answers to technical issues and more.

Some other things to consider when getting a printer include the compatibility, price, maintenance, warranty, resale value, ink usage and cost and longevity among others.