Common Printer Problems and How to Fix Them

Common Printer Problems and How to Fix Them

Printer problems

Printers are great for home office because f their ease of use and convenience. With a printer, here is no need to pay to print photos and documents

Here are some common printer problems and easy solutions

Low tone error after toner replacement – printer errors can be unreliable most times. You could switch an old toner with a new one and the printer will give you the low toner error. In this case, resetting the printer should be an easy fix. Otherwise, the cartridge may be broken or damaged and this will require professional help.

The printer is slow – this could be because of several different reasons. Some printers do so naturally so they can improve the quality of the print.  You’ll need to change the printer settings. Set it to the fast draft settings if you are one to print every day.

Paper jam- when the printer has paper jam, you cannot continue the printing process. The problem could be that the paper is loaded incorrectly. There is torn/dirty/dry/dump paper, you added paper during the printing process, or there is an object on the way. All you do is take out the toner and drum, and pull the paper out carefully.

Streaked, blotchy and faded prints – when your printer is producing this kind of work then there is definitely a problem.  The quality of your prints depends on the printer as well as the drum unit and ink/toner cartridge. The paper quality can also influence the end results. Take the toner out for inspection or replacement

Blank piece of paper every time you print something – the main reason for this is the printer settings. The extra piece of paper is meant to separate jobs when you are printing two different things. You can change the setting on the printer to avoid this issue

The computer is sending pint job to wrong person – this issue if common for people with more than one printer. It is glitch that can easily be fixed. All you do is head on to the printers and devices folder and connect with the right machine.

Connectivity issues – some printers have an issue connecting to other devices. Printers are connected through a network or locally.  Local ones are connected using USB while others use a parallel cable. Ensure the cable is connected to the printer and the computer when it is not working. Contact a professional to help you configure the printer of that does not work

Missing colours- there are several reasons why the colours could be missing from the print. If the cartridge is having been replaced recently, then the issue could be the clogged nozzle. It could also be that the ink has dried out fast. Some inks dry faster than toner powders which means you have to change them constantly.

There is repeating streaks – streaks are a sign of stray ink that is constantly accumulating on the rollers. This means that you have to clean the printer constantly and change the ink.

Printed wrong image or in the wrong orientations – these two are a sign that there is an issue with the graphic processing function. Make sure you view the print preview before printing.