Best Canvas Printers for Your Business

Best Canvas Printers for Your Business

Normal printers can be used to print canvas but there are so many disadvantages to this, and the most common one is that you will spoil your printer. Canvas is heavy when compared to paper so getting it through the cutter will cause friction consequently making the printer to burn its X-motor. Paper canvas printers are only designed to handle the papers lightweight. From the above, we have established that purchasing canvas printers needs some background research.

Tips on choosing the best large format canvas printer.

Canvas printers come equipped with a manual roll feed that has been configured to tackle thick materials such as canvas.

Business needs

Anytime you purchase a machine to use in production, there are projections made of whether the specific machines would be able to handle the growth of the business. So for the canvas printers, you have to ensure that the printer can effectively handle the large print volumes without breaking down. In essence, therefore, is that you should look for canvas printers that accommodate the large ink cartridges and the large rolls of the canvas print material.

Inks used on canvas prints 

The first characteristic of ink used to make the canvas prints is that they are pigment based, UV-stabilized, and are made to withstand water and the effects of too much light. Canvas print ink is more durable and that is why you see most of this artwork remaining fresh and new for extended periods but with good care.

So when you choose to use the normal printers on canvas you can expect your piece of art to fade rather quickly because the printers don’t use the non-waterproof type of ink.

DIY types of canvas printers

Not everyone is out for large scale canvas printing so if you are one of those individuals then here are some propositions and tips on choosing the best small scale canvas printer.

The Epson P600 printer can handle different types of media of about 13 inches, while accommodating the Ultra HD that comes with nine colors, five of which are grays and four black; and you can, therefore, expect to achieve the best monochrome prints. Another advantage of using this printer is that it can create panoramas that are 10 feet long.

There is also the Canon Pixma Ip8720 printer that can handle up to 20 sheets of the heavy canvas photo paper. The printer has also incorporated the new technology and can thus be used with smartphones and new cameras through Wi-Fi.

As you go in search of the best canvas printers, be sure to check on its processing speed, because you definitely don’t want to take a lot of time printing out complex or the large format files. A good canvas printer should, therefore, have a high processing power, which is equivalent to more ram.

Check on the print method

Dye-sublimation is the best option for canvas printers, as they normally use heat to transfer the dye onto the canvas material and you can expect to end up with quality prints. If the printer you are using has the image generating feature the better for you because it will analyze the image that you want to print, and come up with the best ink mixture and proceed to match it with the area of the image to produce the perfect print.